Entry #1

preparation without the "H"

2012-04-18 10:35:58 by BrandonSills

so i'm around again with a completely separate account and am ready to start contributing once again to the NG community. i will be getting more active with posting music clips or full lengths, and possibly start working towards voice acting, like i've been wanting to get into for quite some time now.

while i prepare for it, i'm still working on two music projects: The Brandon Sills Project, and The Preserved. both do eat a bit of my time, but not enough to dabble among other things.

so if you're a musician or are creating a project that needs music, or a voice actor even, i'm here to do it, since i don't have the brain capacity to do flash animation (i suck at drawing).

if you also want some tips or pointers on your music project to improve the quality, i'm available to help out. or if you want to add a musician or a co-writer/producer on your project.

anything else, just ask away. i'm available for the most part to help out.


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